In the monthly Events, you’ll compete for a top spot at the leaderboard.
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Fair divisions at your own level

6 Divisions

The competition has 6 divisions:
– Platinum
– Gold
– Silver
– Bronze
– Iron
– Teens
With the Placement Event all athletes will be placed into a division. You can’t choose yourself.

After the Placement Event, each division will get their own leaderboard and their own version of the Events.

All athletes who are 12-15 years old will automatically be placed in the Teens Division.

Iron Division

In the Iron Division, the gymnastic skills have been made accessible and the number of reps per exercise is not unachievably high. Technical difficult lifts like snatches have been left out and light weights will be used. Your fitness will certainly be tested at your level, but participating and improving yourself is the most important thing!

Bronze Division

You have been working out in the box for a while and you already master many exercises. You do not finish last during a WOD and you dream of finishing first. Most lifts are present in this division but the challenging gymnastics do not exist yet. You can, for example, do a pull-up and power snatches. You are not a fan of double unders, but you can do a few. You have strengths and weaknesses, but the workouts are accessible and achievable. In any case, you are well on your way to finally finish first.

Silver Division

You regularly watch competitions and have undoubtedly done a qualifier. Unfortunately, you are not yet able to place yourself, but in your box you often finish as one of the first. You can do all lifts and you master most gymnastics, unfortunately you just miss one or two exercises like muscle ups and handstand walk, but you are practicing hard! This division will challenge you, trigger you, to train even harder and better so that you will be on such a competition very soon! ️

Gold Division

You have already had a taste of certain competitions, because you master almost everything and in terms of fitness you are among the best in your box. You would like to keep up with the top of the country, but unfortunately that is just a step too far. Yet you are ahead of your rivals, because you are on their heels! You dream of being at the highest level and do everything you can to get there! The Gold division puts you on edge, shows you your weaknesses but also your strengths! The competition is fierce and that allows you to develop and improve even more!

Platinum Division

You belong to the top of your country! Participating in a qualifier usually also means qualifying, because no exercise is too crazy for you! Winning on such a day may not happen yet, but you are almost always present. Yet you dream of being on the podium or, on the contrary, of not relinquishing that place on the podium for the time being.
In this division you compete against people with the same ambitions and you keep each other on the toes. The workouts will be very challenging and can be used as a measure to compare you with your competitors. Participate and who knows, you may call yourself the fittest man or woman after 6 months!

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In it to Win it?


With every Event there are prizes to win! Also the top 40 of each division will be invited to the Summergames. Are you in it to win it, then you have to film all your Events.