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Rulebook Season 4

The registration for season 4 will open in August 2020.

Are you 12-15 years old? Than you can join our Teens Division. With full permission of your parents, you can buy a Teens Ticket. Everyone who is 16 years or older can buy a regular ticket.

With your score on the Placement Events, you’ll be placed into one of the six divisions. The better your score, the higher your division. This way we can keep the competition fair and you’ll compete against athletes with the same level.

Teens will do the Placement Event as their first workout. They will automatically be placed into the Teens Division.

The top 20 athletes of each division, who have filmed all their Events, will be invited to the Summergames.

If you want to be invited to the Summergames and/or win the prizes, then you have to film all your events. Athletes who do not film will still be on the leaderboard but are not eligable for the prizes or Summergames.

Yes, you need a judge to count for you and to check if you meet the movement standards.

Placement Event 1 – 5 november 2020 till 3 december 2020
Event 2 – 7 till 14 january 2021
Event 3 – 4 till 11 february 2021
Event 4 – 4 till 11 march 2021
Zomerspelen – To Be Announced

With ”not pushing off” we mean that you are not allwed to do Jumping Pull-ups or Jumping Muscle-ups. If you use a box to get into the rig, then start from deadhang with extended arms, that is fine.

You can submit your scores in the Nationals App. Please check our homepage for the downloadlink.

After the release, you have 8 days to do the Event and submit your scores in our app. The deadline is always thursdaynight 11:59PM Amsterdam Time.

Yes your score will be valid and shown on the leaderboard, but you are not eligable for the prizes or the Summergames.

Sent us your score before the deadline via

Sent us your scores and video URL before januari 1st 2021 and we will manually put you in the right division. Your scores for Event 1 will not be on the leaderboard.

You can add your box by sending us the name and contact info to:

If you have not bought tickets yet, you will not see the Events.

You can give the Event a rating from 1-10.

Sent us the right score via

After the deadline of the Placement, we’ll post the list of competitiors on the right leaderboard.

Based on the Placement Events, athletes will be placed into the right division. You can not change divisions.

Got another question? Please contact us via

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