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Something new


In 2022, we’re launching The Nationals Triplets. This is a competition with 3-person teams. Just like the individual season, there will be 2 placement events to place the team in the right division. For the teams, there are three divisions:
– Blue Division
– Red Division
– Black Division

All workouts need to be done as a team. Teams will consist of 2 Males + 1 Female or 1 Male and 2 Females.

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4 Events

Placement, Workouts & Finals

After the placement events, there will be two more events at your own level. Each division will get their own leaderboard. The best teams after 4 Events will be invited to the Live Triplets Finals that will take place at Het Ravijn, Nijverdal at September 3&4th.

Placement Events: June 2nd till June 13th
Division Events: June 17th till July 4th
Finals: Sept 3rd & 4th

Live @ Het Ravijn

We need crew!

No competition without an amazing crew! The Finals will take place at Het Ravijn, Nijverdal at September 3&4th, and we are looking for:

– Judges
– Equipment
– Front Office

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You own level


Each team member must be able to do:
– Dumbbell Movements 15/10kg
– Box Step Ups 60/50cm
– Single Unders
– Hanging Knee Raises
– Barbell Movements 30/20kg
– Wall Balls Light 9/6kg
– Row

These are the minimum requirements. If you can do more skills, weights etc, you’ll end up in a higher division.

The only competition that really matters


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