E-book 35 dumbbell and kettlebell workouts by WeightvestWOD 1.0


This E-book contains 35 dumbbell and kettlebell workouts that you can do at home.

You don’t need much to stay fit, all you need is a dumbbell or a kettlebell. In this E-book we give you 35  workouts that can be done with a dumbbell or kettlebell. If you want to get it extra spicy, use a weightvest if you have one!

At every workout, the movements are shown with pictures. We show the begin and end position of the movement to help you with the workouts. Every workout contains a RX and scaled standard.

We hope that you enjoy our workouts and stay tuned for our dumbbell and kettlebell E-book 2.0 with new excersises!

– Team WeightvestWOD